We don't do
We do clothing

We don't do
We do clothing

We don't do
We do clothing


All we need is less!

All we need

is less!


Camisa “Camp” Manga Corta, Vintage Cotton+ EU Natural Linen Made in Spain
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"For TSENOH we have not
We have made a logo, we have created an identity of our own. A
flexible visual identity,
organic and spontaneous".

"A graphic image born from the most activist part of the brand. We unite textile and environmental activism".



Un jardín salvaje

1. NO MATERIAL OBJECT DEFINES THE LIFE AND DESTINY OF PEOPLE. Clothes do not define our true selves.

2. CLOTHING IS OUR SECOND SKIN. It has been with us since the beginning of mankind to protect our bodies from the elements.

5. NATURAL FIBERS HAVE SUPERPOWERS They contain in themselves all the energy of the Universe. They have grown under the moon, the sun and the stars, from the water and the earth.

6. NATURAL AND SUSTAINABLE FABRICS have extraordinary properties that transfer to our body and organism benefits that deeply affect our health and our mood. They directly influence our happiness and our spirit.

7. THE CLOTHING FOR THE ‘NEW CONSCIOUSNESS’ SOCIETY Sustainable, durable and multifunctional. “Less but Better. It represents our moral values as eco-dependent beings.

8. CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION as a political act of collective responsibility and personal and social empowerment. Collective ethics versus individual capitalist narcissism.

9. FULL RESPONSIBILITY Technological and entrepreneurial advancement in favor of craftsmanship, ecological justice and social and circular economies. In favor of nature, equality and universal respect. Global environmental traceability. Nature is the final customer.

10. RADICAL REGENERATIVE SUSTAINABILITY. Radically sustainable, honest and creative design and business practices. Actions and decisions that consciously improve and repair social and natural ecosystems that are fundamental for life.

11. THE GOOD DESIGN to imagine and create the new world that we are going to eco-inhabit in freedom, dignity and love, all living beings of this planet.

Here grows a free Wild Garden, an immaterial place of experimentation and independent thought.

Energy, light and activism. 

Tsenoh! was born in 2020


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