"The only SUSTAINABLE FASHION is that whose production has a positive impact on natural and social ecosystems."

Eva Viana, textile designer and creator of Tsenoh!

Clothing is our second skin our second skin, the one that protects us and helps us to relate to the environment that surrounds us since the beginning of mankind.

Natural fibers are the only ones in tune with our own biology.. We share the same cellular nature.

We live wrapped in fabrics day and night. They accompany us on our skin every day of our lives and these establish with people, through their own language, a conversation intimate nonverbal. 

In my creative process, I understand materials, volumes, colors, etc… as something that deeply affects our something that deeply affects our wellbeing, physically and psychologically, at a very deep level. very primitive. And that every creative decision I make and every step we take, directly influences every individual and all social and natural ecosystems on this planet in a global and massive way. every individual and all the social and natural ecosystems of this planet in a global and massive way.

Tsenoh! was born free and wild, to invent a new organic, honest and activist way of making textiles. 

We take full responsibility.


Love and Light,